Here at Hargreaves Roses we produce a select range of modern and traditional varieties.



Our container roses are grown in green 4.5 litre square-round rose pots, with our Gift/Celebration Range in blue 4.5 litre pots.  Climbers are produced in 5.5 litre pots with obelisk cane frames.


We have our own high quality colour stick in labels, with our unique “Love Roses” motif, in most of our varieties, with some still with the previous Timmermans label or Floramedia picture label.



We can deliver our pot roses free of charge within 100 miles of Gedney, minimum 100 pots.

Our specialist rose compost is designed for improved air fill porosity, as well as good water retention and includes top class 12-14 month slow release fertiliser.  We have a new Pest and Disease Control Programme devised for us alternating fungicides and insecticides with the emphasis being on prevention rather than cure.

We regularly visit our friends at Peter Beales Roses and enjoy looking at all their new Classic Shrub Rose varieties.  We have added our favourite five varieties, and recently seen others that we would like to bring in the next year or two.

We also have our three Lincolnshire varieties, in three colours:  Lincoln Cathedral, Mr Lincoln and Lincolnshire Yellowbelly.  These are popular not only in Lincolnshire, but sell well on garden centres in surrounding counties.



Our Flower Carpet Ground Cover Roses are popular and well proven.